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My Trip Alone To Ramanashram-Part II

Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya

When the mind is worn out and weary,
When it needs to be revived,
To drink of your glory,
The elixir of life
Arunachala, the Mount of Grace,      
May the mind rest in your eternal embrace.

The turbulent mind

This time I rushed to the Master’s presence with a turbulent mind. On 7th October, peace seemed to be something very distant. I went round Bhagavan’s Samadhi over and over again for thoughts to slow down, which of course did. However the storm did not subside. Meditation was rather difficult as there was a counter thought, a worry, ‘the hankering for peace’.

On 8th morning the mind was totally worn out. It suddenly became averse to be engaged in any activity, be it to go round the master or to meditate in the meditation hall. It just dropped its movements. All of a sudden peace descended as I simply sat in the hall in front of the Mother’s shrine, where a black statue of Bhagavan is. Meditation later became fruitful.

The Tamil parayanam is what I really enjoy which devotees sing dripping with devotion in the presence of the Master in the evenings. It was as blissful as ever, singing along with them, especially ‘Ramana Satguru Raayanae’. In the later part of the evening, post dinner, I happened to speak to one of the devotees of Bhagavan Ramana, ripe in age as well as experience in the Master’s teachings. After our customary enquiries of each other’s wellbeing, when the topic of our talk as usual turned towards Bhagavan, He said, “Suffering cannot be avoided. It can of course be transcended. You will have to transcend it by understanding it!”

I felt that these words of wisdom came straight from Bhagavan to bring in the right understanding of issues in me.

On 9th morning, the storm in the mind had considerably subsided and I started my journey back to Bangalore.

Dropping of the mind

 In Bangalore, I happened to tell Saradha akka, the president of the’ Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning,’ of my visit to the ashram alone. I recounted the account of my wonderful stay, despite not being able to do Giripradikshana or going up the hill to the caves as the asharm always warned women against doing them alone.

Saradha akka quickly said (in Tamil), “Bhagavan unnai summa irukka sollitaar!” (Bhagavan asked you to stay quiet or ‘just be!’)

The right cord was struck! Is He not the greatest musician who fine tunes the mind to the central note that runs through each piece of music?  Possessing nothing, is He not the greatest possessor who possessively reclaims the minds of His folks?  The words of Shri Nochur Venkataraman, a great devotee of Bhagavan who gives sessions on the Master’s teachings with a touch of experience and emotion popped up in my mind.  He had once said, “Bhagavan’s central teaching is to ‘Just be!’ Self-enquiry was suggested because it was difficult for one to drop the mind that is accustomed to perpetual wandering at one go and just be.

Furthermore I remembered reading in one of the books, of the function of the mind that thoughts existed only in the light of one’s attention. When one withdraws one’s attention, they simply drop off.  I experienced for the very first time, to let go of tormenting thoughts. Of course the experience is fleeting and the mind is bound to presume its vagabond ways, however I strongly believe that His enveloping Grace is sure to lead the mind to anchor at His Feet someday.

Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya.


Manoj said…
Wonderful experiences at the ashram. It seems you witnessed lot of mini miracles during your time there :) And this line is simply beautiful - “Suffering cannot be avoided. It can of course be transcended. You will have to transcend it by understanding it!” I don't know if what I experienced too is a miracle or luck but I've shared my experiences in this site -

Priya R said…
Read your experiences as well Manoj. It was good. I guess it is rather Grace than luck or miracle. We call extraordinary things as miracles. I guess there is so much beauty in the ordinary, if we are alert. Miracles that happened in Bhagavan Ramana's presence are so natural and close to life, that unless one is alert, they go away unnoticed. The beauty and the greatness of the Master is that, He does not take credit to the miracles. He simply says that they happen in a Jnani's presence. If we can pierce through the words, we can see His teachings there as well. Its like he saying that He was not an individual to perform miracles and that He was pure awareness with the absence of thought (which forms the base for the performance of a miracle)

Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya.


About Miracles - A Different Outlook!

Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya! The womb of miracles is Grace, which is none other than the Self. Miracles here, may be defined as not the glaring ones as in Physic powers, Clairvoyance or materialising objects etc that bears the stamp of doership. They are simply divine interference in day to day life that are too very natural, and could often escape from even an alert eye. Such were those which took place in the presence of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.
Any ardent seeker's life is peppered with miracles or divine interference. There are two common outlooks towards miracles. While most intellectual seekers on the path of Self realization often have a self imposed indifferent attitude towards miracles, seekers on the path of bakti or devotion often get lost in miraculous happenings. In my humble opinion, I guess focusing on Grace, the underlying factor of miracles than focusing on miraculous happenings themselves, or being aware of miracles rather than being indifferent to them volun…

His Grace Ever Manifest

Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya

“Grace is both the beginning and the end. Introversion is due to Grace; Perseverance is Grace; and Realisation is Grace” says Ramana Maharshi-Talks 319

It would be the experience of every Ramana devotee, who has dedicated himself to the practice of Self enquiry, to experience the Grace of the Guru enveloping him, taking control of his life. This results in diminishing of the sense of ego-the ‘I’ sense which is identifying oneself with the body and the mind.

The showers of Grace in every minute detail of life are inexplicable and beyond one’s imagination; the sudden manifestation of it, yet very subtly and naturally, placing things in order leaves one dumbstruck.

Will basking in the ‘thought of Grace’ (in different situations) threaten one’s practice in subduing the ego and rather enriching it? In my humble opinion it depends on the mind-set of the people. When Grace has begun to manifest in one’s material life, it is sure to guide one to the ultimate …

The Song of Silence

Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya
You and I, When in silent communion, Amidst all the worldly din,
The Internal and external,
Dissolves in the eternal,

You follow me with thy presence, While I clutch my form, To remind me of my essence, Vibrant silence, beyond forms and norms (You and I.....)

I know not my path of journey, Nor do I know when it ends, With you  by my side, Unmindful I am of the journey, How and far it extends ! (You and I....)
 Om Namo Bhagavate Shri Ramanaya.
Inspired by a quaint little Shiva temple on the way to work on the road side, set amidst a rocky background and green surroundings. Strangely enough, amidst all the traffic of Bangalore, the place simply fills one with peace, as He simply exudes Grace.